Mike Dressander Mike Dressander


Mike is a 30-year veteran of the insurance industry, holding senior management positions for 26 of these years. Throughout his career, he has served on advisory boards for several major annuity companies. This has allowed him to keep a pulse on agents’ needs—helping him quickly adapt to the constantly changing annuity marketplace by introducing cutting-edge prospecting and sales tools.

Cam Dressander Cam Dressander

Senior Vice President

Cam has 26 years of insurance industry experience and has been in senior management positions for 21 of those years. Cam is a product expert who constantly monitors the industry for the best products available. He also has been instrumental in product design for several major carriers and knows firsthand what agents want and need to be successful.

Kevin Meyer Kevin Meyer

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin brings 18 years of insurance industry experience, knowledge and leadership to his position. Kevin has been in senior management positions for 14 years. He has a unique blend of experiences in the industry that enable him to bring an invaluable perspective to recruiting, servicing, and developing marketing programs for the independent agent.

Carla Urbaszewski Carla Urbaszewski

Chief Marketing Officer

Carla has 17 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries. She has been part of senior management teams for the past seven years. Most recently, Carla served as a Director at Allstate Financial where she was responsible for managing product launches, developing marketing collateral and campaigns, and leading sales support and education initiatives.

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